Star Wars ABC (Scholastic Inc.)

Hello, friends! Today’s book is Star Wars ABC by Scholastic Inc., an oversized board book that takes an alphabetic look at the characters and things of a galaxy far, far away (and yes, I know this is the third Star Wars book this month, but we’ve been on a bit of a Star Wars kick here at the Baby Bookworm household). 

Starting with A is for Anakin, each page has a character (Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo), or thing (Millennium Falcon, the Force, Jedi) that corresponds to its letter of the alphabet. Accompanied by a photo of the subject and a one-sentence description, each page brings the Star Wars universe to life for little fans, helping them learn their alphabet along the way.

So, of the three Star Wars books we read this month, I have to say that this one was the most “meh.” There were plenty of well-recognizable characters, but there were also some pretty definite fillers that would likely leave even die-hard fans scratching their heads (IG-88? Kaminoans? Zam Wesell?). Also, many of the photos chosen were oddly grainy or out of focus, leading to an overall inconsistency in the visuals page to page. It was definitely a fun novelty read, and little Star Wars fans would likely get a kick out of it, but it definitely lacked a substance and polish that we’ve seen with other fandom children’s books. Overall, a bit disappointing but still enough fun for what it’s trying to be, so we’ll call this one Baby Bookworm approved.


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