No More Bows (Samantha Cotterill)

Hello, everyone! Today’s book is No More Bows by Samantha Cotterill, a tale of friendship between a little girl and her pup.

Hugo the dog loves spending time with his human child, Milly. They have played the whole morning, and when Milly calls him to get ready for their walk, he is excited to go. That is, until he sees what Milly wants him to wear: a big frilly red bow! Hugo does not like the bow, and hates the way his dog friends laugh at him for wearing it. He attempts to dispose of the bows, but each time he does, Milly replaces it with a bow sparklier, spanglier and frouffier than the last! Finally, Hugo has had enough and runs away. He finds, however, that life without Milly is lonely, and realizes that the bows were Milly’s way of showing Hugo that she loves him. Hugo runs home to an elated Milly and proposes a compromise, one that his human is happy to make. After all, how could a few sparkly red bows come between a girl and her dog?

This was a cute and funny little story with a great message about friendship and compromise. I liked that once Hugo realizes that Milly is trying to show her love for him, he finds a good middle ground: a bow tie, rather than the bows he felt uncomfortable in. It shows little ones that real friendships will find compromise, and that you needn’t conform to someone else’s wishes against your own to find that happy medium. The illustrations are very cute, simple and charming and full of energy. The length was good, and JJ enjoyed it, so this one is Baby Bookworm approved!


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