Monster Trouble! (Lane Fredrickson)

Hello, friends! Our book today is Monster Trouble!, written by Lane Fredrickson and illustrated by Michael Robertson, a funny story about a fearless little girl with an unexpected pest problem.

Winifred Schnitzel is no shrinking flower: she’s a brave little girl who loves spooky stories, high adventure, even scary movies! Unfortunately, this is a great puzzle to her neighborhood monsters, for when they come to spook Winifred at night, she is less than impressed. The only thing those pesky monsters are accomplishing is keeping her awake! Winifred decides to scare the monsters away, and devises several plans using her wits and ingenuity. But after a few failed attempts, she is discouraged and exhausted. Fortunately, there’s one more trick up her sleeve, and it just may be the most effective monster repellent yet!

This was a fun story about overcoming challenges with an awesome girl-power twist! I loved that Winifred was not the least bit scared by her monsters from the get-go, instead facing them with a mindset of problem-solving rather than overcoming fears. It can encourage kids that monsters aren’t things to be scared of, just problems to be dealt with. What’s more, I love that Winifred used her brain and, ultimately, love to take care of her monster problems. The rhyming text flows well and is fun to read, and the illustrations are fun, energetic, and humorous. The length was fine, and JJ liked it a lot! This one is Baby Bookworm approved!

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