King And King (Linda de Haan & Stern Nijland)

Hello, friends! So due to family stuff, we haven’t been as active in Pride Month this year as we wanted to be. Still, we wanted to make sure we read at least one LGBTQ book before the month was over, so for today we chose King And King by Linda de Haan and Stern Nijland, a fairytale story that proves true love always wins.

The Queen has decided to retire, so she will step down from the throne and leave her son, Prince Bertie, in charge. One problem: the Prince needs to be married to become king, something he has never been interested in. His mother, through a bit of browbeating, convinces him to meet with several princesses to find a bride. And while all the princesses have their own unique flair, the Prince does not feel that certain spark. He is ready to give up, until Princess Madeleine arrives. The Prince falls in love at first sight… with Madeleine’s brother, Prince Lee. The two consent to be married, and invite all the princesses and their friends to celebrate with them. The Queen retires, and King Bertie and King Lee rule the land as husband and husband, happily ever after.

What a sweet story! This has become a staple of LGBTQ kidlit, and it’s easy to see why. The simple fairytale structure is very familiar, which is a great way to introduce the concept of gay relationships to little readers. I loved that once Bertie and Lee fall in love, there is no pushback and no one questioned it; they are smitten, get married, and everyone is supportive. My only complaint is the way that the Queen essentially bullies Bertie into getting married; I’m not sure kids should be taught that marriage isn’t optional, regardless of whom they love. Otherwise, there is some colorful, folksy art that is eye-catching and fun, a good length for baby bookworms, and JJ enjoyed it. Overall, a great read for teaching little ones that love is love, and that everyone deserves a fairytale ending. Baby Bookworm approved!


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