Happy Birthday To You! (Dr. Seuss)

Hello, friends! As you may know, it’s JJ’s birthday today! And to celebrate, we are reading Happy Birthday To You! by Dr. Seuss, a birthday celebration as only Seuss can provide.

In the far-off land of Katroo, birthdays are a grand affair. First, the birthday horn on the hill plays you a birthday song. Then, the Birthday Bird (which only exists in Katroo) comes to your home to wake you up and whisk you away to a day-long celebration filled with treats, games, flowers, music and fun. After all, without birthdays, there would be no You, and that wouldn’t do! So birthdays are the day to celebrate you, and that is just what they do in Katroo.

Seuss books are always classics, and this one is tons of fun. Filled with signature rhymes and surrealist illustrations, it’s everything you expect from a birthday book with Seuss’ name on the cover: strange worlds, bizarre animals, and tongue-twisting rhymes with delightful made-up words and phrases. The length may be stretching it for little bookworms, but JJ enjoyed it fine (and for the youngest readers, there’s a shorter interactive version of this book that we reviewed last year called Happy Birthday, Baby!). All in all, a fun and nonsensical way to celebrate a little one’s birthday, and it’s Baby Bookworm approved!


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