Whose Story Is This, Anyway? (Mike Flaherty)

Hello, everyone! Today’s book is Whose Story Is This, Anyway?, written by Mike Flaherty and illustrated by Oriol Vidal, a wonderfully funny tale of a frustrated young narrator attempting to tell his story in the face of constant interruptions.

The book’s narrator, a young boy, had a great story for you. It’s about a day at the beach with his cat, Emperor Falafel, and- what? No, Captain, there’s no swashbuckling pirates in this story, you’ll have to leave. And no hungry green dinosaurs, either! Nor any purple aliens or dashing knights either. As the other characters keep butting in and interrupting, the narrator finally has had enough, and orders them all out of HIS story. However, without friends, his story seems a bit boring… and lonely. Okay, maybe having some wild new friends in his story wouldn’t be the worst thing. After all, there definitely won’t be another story like it!

This one was so cute. For some reason, I always enjoy these books that break the fourth wall and end up being very meta (How This Book Was Made by Mac Barnett and Adam Rex is a great one), maybe because they appeal to the type of humor that kids love, i.e. breaking the rules. The cast of characters is fun, and a great opportunity to break out some different voices, as the entirety of the text is dialogue. The art is fun and fantastically silly, and the length is perfect. JJ loved this one and I did too, so this is a definitely Baby Bookworm approved!


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