I Will Love You Anyway (Mick Inkpen)

Hello, friends! Today, we read I Will Love You Anyway, written by Mick Inkpen and illustrated by Chloë Inkpen, a poignant and sweet story of the love between a dog and his boy.

Told in first person by an adorably bug-ugly little pup, the story follows the dog’s struggles to be a good dog. He’s not very good at sitting… or staying… or not chewing up clothes or furniture. He tends to chase things, like cats and birds and cows (but never cars! Never again…). He likes to go to the park – and roll in poop. But still, his boy loves him, so when the boy’s frustrated parents say that the dog has to go, both are brokenhearted. The dog decides to run away instead, spending the night cold, alone, and frightened. He sees headlights coming and becomes scared, but the car stops and out jumps his boy! The boy’s parents see how much the two mean to each other and relent, promising that Dog can stay. Dog is happy, because while he may not be perfect, and he may mess up, he will always love his boy anyway.

This one was so sweet, and had a earnestness to it that was utterly moving. First, Dog’s simple, laconic narrative gives him an innocent and slightly dopey charm that any dog-lover will fall hard for. This pays off well during the climax, making lines like “I am sad because you are sad” absolutely heart-rending. The art is funny, tender and fits the tone perfectly. The length is great, and JJ and I both loved this one. A darling book about unconditional love, perfect for dog lovers of all ages, and it’s Baby Bookworm approved!


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