Next To You: A Book Of Adorableness (Lori Haskins Houran)

Hello, everyone! Our book today is Next To You: A Book Of Adorableness, written by Lori Haskins Houran and illustrated by Sydney Hanson, a sweet and slyly funny book of baby animals who are just… too gosh darn cute.

There are lots of very cute animals. A baby deer learning to stand up. A line of fuzzy little ducklings. A baby pig wearing a teeny, tiny sweater. However, all these animals have some pretty stiff competition lately. Oh, sure, the soft little puppy is adorable, the row of wee possums precious, and well, I mean…. have you SEEN a newborn giraffe? But the fact of the matter is, there one thing that’s got all the most adorable little baby animals in the world beat for adorableness. And, of course, that’s you!

This book is the kind of self-aware, subtle humor that I love in kidlit. The text has a tongue-in-cheek quality that subverts the cutesy-ness of some children’s books while paying homage to it, and it makes it really fun to read aloud. The Golden Books-reminiscent illustrations are exceedingly precious, and are paired perfectly with the sometimes silly but often sincere narrative. The length is great, and JJ really enjoys this one, especially because she can practice identifying animals. This is a surprisingly fun read, and we always enjoy it. Baby Bookworm approved!

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