Star Wars: I Am A Princess (Courtney Carbone)

Hello, friends! Okay, the Baby Bookworm family is all moved into our new home! There’s a lot of unpacking to do, but we’re hoping that we won’t be missing any more daily reviews for a while. And to come back strong, we’re reviewing a recent addition and new favorite to our home library, Star Wars: I Am A Princess, written by Courtney Carbone and illustrated by Heather Martinez, a wonderfully girl-power Star Wars spin on the classic princess storybook.

What makes a princess? What should a princess be? Leia is a princess, the daughter of a queen and a Jedi knight, and the adopted daughter of the Organa royal family. She’s clever, resourceful, brave and kind. She knows how to take charge, lead others, and protect the innocent. She’s an ambassador of peace, but knows when to take action and stand up to bullies. To Leia, being a princess means being a hero. How about you: are you ready to be a hero?

LOVE. THIS. I’m not sure you could pack more things we love into a book. A gorgeously illustrated, unapologetically feminist Star Wars book, a Little Golden Book to boot! It even cost us less than five dollars. I loved how the story encourages little ones to be princesses, but redefines the outdated notions of what a princess should be (no waiting around to be rescued by a prince for Leia’s princesses). The art is fantastic, capturing beloved Star Wars images and characters in a colorful and approachable way for little readers. The length is perfect, and JJ really likes this one, as do I. A wonderful addition to any little princess or padawan’s library, and we couldn’t recommend it more. Baby Bookworm approved!

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