Olivia Saves The Circus (Ian Falconer)

Hello, friends! Our book today is Olivia Saves The Circus by Ian Falconer, the second book in the delightful Olivia series.

In the morning, Olivia wakes up and makes breakfast for her new little brother, William, and her old little brother, Ian. This is a big help to her mother, and she only dirties ALMOST every pot and pan in the kitchen to do it (leaving them piled up in the sink for Mommy, of course). Then Olivia gets dressed for school; she must wear a boring uniform, but she can always accessorize… with every accessory she owns. At school, it’s presentation day, and Olivia is excited – she is at her best with an audience. She tells them the absolutely 100% true story of the time her mommy took her and Ian to the circus, but all the performers were sick, so Olivia performed every single act (perfectly, of course – she’s an expert at practically everything). Her teacher expresses his stern disbelief in the accuracy of Olivia’s story, but Olivia is unperturbed; that’s how it happened, to the best of her recollection anyway.

As with the first Olivia book, this one is just pure fun. Between the dry, deadpan narration and the hilarious dialogue, Falconer perfectly captures the mind of an imaginative and precocious little girl, and with a huge personality and a flair for the dramatic, Olivia jumps off every page. The art is lovely as always, using the Falconer’s signature spare palette of white, black, gray, and red to create grand and sensational environments. The length is perfect for little readers, and JJ always loves an Olivia story. An entertaining jaunt through the imagination of a clever little pig, and it’s Baby Bookworm approved!

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