Dinosaur Vs. Santa (Bob Shea)

Hello, friends! Sorry for the delay, we had some connectivity issues last night. So today we’re back with two reviews! Up first: Dinosaur Vs. Santa, a ludicrously fun Christmas installment to the Dinosaur Vs. series by Bob Shea.

The most terrifying dinosaur on the block is back, and this time he’s facing his most challenging opponent yet: CHRISTMAS! Dinosaur vs. decorating? With a perfectly bedecked tree – at least, on the branches he can reach – Dinosaur WINS! Dinosaur vs. letter to Santa? One lovingly and enthusiastically scrawled letter later, Dinosaur WINS! But when trying to surmount the near-impossible task of falling asleep on Christmas Eve, Dinosaur is faced with a terrible temptation to do something that no little dinosaur should ever do: peek downstairs! Will this be the final downfall of the mighty Dinosaur?

Once again, Bob Shea has given us 40 pages of pure joy and exuberance with the cutest and most delightful dinosaur in print. Using the series’ trademark mixed-media meets pop-art style, each page is filled with color and excitement, and the text is filled with the raucous roars that make reading these books aloud such a delight. It’s packed with visual gags that both adults and children can enjoy, and the length is great for all ages. JJ screams with laughter through every Dinosaur Vs. book, and this one was no different, which makes reading these together a riot. Overall, this is a fun and festive way to get kids excited for Christmas, and we highly recommend it. Baby Bookworm approved!


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