Baby University Board Books Series (Chris Ferrie)

Hello, friends! Our books today are the third set of board books from Chris Ferrie’s Baby University series: Quantum Information For Babies, Electromagnetism For Babies, and Statistical Physics For Babies.

The third set released into this popular board book series, little bookworms can now learn three new advanced scientific concepts through simplified explanations and basic, linear graphics. In Statistical Physics, they can learn about probability and entropy. In Electromagnetism, magnetic fields and positive and negative charges are explored. And in Quantum Information, information storage and qubits are introduced.

These were STEM-tastic! We actually previewed one of the first books in this series way back (Quantum Entanglement For Babies), and weren’t overly impressed. But the quality of these has absolutely improved as the series continued, and the results are great. The information was laid out in clear and concise terms, and while the graphics are still very rudimentary, it actually works very well in this context, supporting the concepts being explained without over-complicating them or pulling focus. I can honestly say that even I came away with a better understanding of the subjects after reading the books with JJ, and she enjoyed them for the most part as well, especially Statistical Physics. The lengths are short enough to easily read in one sitting, and we had fun learning about some science we wouldn’t have gotten in any other board book. Baby Bookworm approved!

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