So Far Up & So Light, So Heavy (Susanne Strasser)

Hello, friends! We have a two-for-one review today! Our books were So Far Up and So Light, So Heavy by Susanne Strasser, two cleverly fun board books of opposites.

In So Far Up, a bear happens upon a tower with a yummy pie in the window at the top. Bear would love to have some pie, but it is SO far up, and he is so far down. Enlisting the help of a few more animals as they happen along, Bear tried to build a tower of his friends to reach the pie – with mixed results. In So Light, So Heavy, Elephant would very much like to play on the teeter totter at the playground. The only problem is that he is simply too heavy, and none of the other animals can lift his side off the ground – even combined! What is an elephant to do?

These were great! Using an excellent mix of comedic narrative and repetition, and some charmingly cute visuals, each book did a great job of presenting the “opposite” it was centered around. There’s a funny little twist in the ending of each, and these were overall as entertaining and engaging as they were informative – perfect for teaching little readers. By the end of each, JJ was able to recite “so far up!” and “soooo heavy!” with me, and was eager to read through them both again after we were done. They’re short reads, perfect for even the youngest bookworms, and we enjoyed them a lot. Definitely Baby Bookworm approved!

(Note: Copies of these books were provided to The Baby Bookworm in exchange for an honest review.)


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