Makayla Unique And The Yellow Tie Dyed Shirt (LaDonna Hollis, Ed.D)

Hello, friends! Our book today is Makayla Unique And The Yellow Tie Dyed Shirt, written by LaDonna Hollis, Ed.D and illustrated by Ros Webb, the story of a mother and daughter role reversal.

Makayla and her mother are at an impasse: Makayla’s mom wants to wear her yellow tie dyed shirt for the third time this week, but Makayla isn’t having it. She tells her mother to change into something different, but her mother refuses to budge! Can Makayla convince her mother to wear something else?

I’ll be honest, I am deeply confused as to what this book is supposed to be about. The story starts with Makayla remembering the fact that her mother took out her braids after swimming the previous day, then spends the rest of the book with the little girl convincing her unnamed mother to change her shirt for unspecified reasons while the mother whines and complains about having to change. The mother does change, into a shirt that is apparently equally objectionable (also for unspecified reasons), then smirks as she wonders what else she can “get away with today”. So I’m honestly pretty puzzled: why does Makayla have such strong opinions over her mother’s wardrobe, and why does she somehow have the power to dictate what her mother wears? What was the purpose of the flashback to the pool and taking down her braids? The story is made no clearer by poorly formatted text that could have used a few rounds in editing; much of the narration is superfluous, running off on tangents or unnecessarily describing the illustrations. The art is fairly standard for an independent title, full of color and pleasingly unique, yet still a bit rough around the edges. The length is okay, but lack of a clear message or storyline made it hard for JJ and I to connect to this one. Overall, it just wasn’t for us.

(Note: A copy of this book was provided to The Baby Bookworm by the author in exchange for an honest review.)


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