Top 5: Star Wars


Hello, friends! Well, after taking a few months off of our Top 5 lists, I am happy to say that they are back! And we’re coming back with one that we’re very excited about: Star Wars! As you might know, Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be in theaters on December 15th, so we thought we’d spend this month’s list taking a look at some of the best Star Wars picture books that we’ve reviewed.

So strap in, we’re ready to make the jump to lightspeed with The Baby Bookworm’s Top 5 Star Wars Books:

1. Star Wars: ABC-3PO, Galactic Basic Edition (Calliope Glass & Caitlin Kennedy)


Delightfully geeky, this ABC book presented by C-3PO, Human-Cyborg Relations, is filled with a plethora of classic and fan-favorite Star Wars characters. Every letter of the alphabet is given the Star Wars character treatment (A is for Ackbar, P is for Poe Dameron, Y is for Yoda, etc.) and accompanied by a hilariously tongue-in-cheek poem that will entertain fans young and old. Katie Cook’s renditions of the characters and set-pieces are an adorable treat. A great book for fans of all ages!

2. Star Wars Epic Yarns: A New Hope (Jack & Holman Wang)


A perfect Star Wars primer for the brand-new youngling in your life. The Wangs use impressively handcrafted needle-felted wool figures in miniature sets to recreate some of the most timeless visuals from A New Hope, paired with simple, kid-friendly vocabulary words: “Princess” accompanies the iconic shot of Leia recording her message on R2-D2, “Captain” as Han Solo faces off against Greedo, “Heroes” as the team lines up across the stairs at the medal ceremony. With companion books for The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi, these are a fun and unique way to introduce the tiniest padawan to the galaxy far, far away.

3. Star Wars: BB-8 On The Run (Drew Daywalt)


A wonderfully nuanced story that follows everyone’s favorite orange-and-white astromech. Taking place within the timeline of The Force Awakens, the story follows BB-8 as he is separated from his friend Poe and searching for a way off Jakku and back to the Resistance. Remembering that Poe had taught him that kindness will always come back to the one who shows it, he faces several opportunities in which he must decide to help others or pursue his own objectives. Matt Myers’s beautiful desert scenery provides a gorgeous backdrop for beloved Star Wars characters and creatures. It’s a story with a fantastic message about doing the right thing, even when it’s difficult, and perfect for young fans of BB-8.

4. Star Wars: I Am A Princess (Courtney Carbone)


One of our favorite books from the past year, and a frequent bedtime story at The Baby Bookworm household! Gorgeously illustrated and unapologetically feminist, this Little Golden Book defines a princess as clever, kind, brave and resourceful. Instead of waiting around to be rescued, Leia’s princesses are encouraged to take charge and lead others, being ambassadors of peace and the heroes of their own story. Heather Martinez’s colorful Star Wars scenes are captivating and exciting, and the message is one that every little reader can learn from: never underestimate the power of a princess.

5. 5-Minute Star Wars Stories (Disney-Lucasfilm)


A wonderful compendium that has something for every young padawan. We’ve had a chance to read the entire collection since our initial review, and we are really pleased with the quality of this storybook, which features eleven stories in total, drawn from the Star Wars cinematic films I-VII. While the stories are pretty sanitized for content and/or spoiler reasons, they maintain massive entertainment value through energetic visuals and a brisk five-minute per story pace. It’s a great way to introduce the ways of the Force to the uninitiated, or to share some favorite stories of the Star Wars universe with young fans.

That’s our list! Did we miss any of your favorites? Do you have a book about Star Wars you would like to recommend to us? Let us know in the comments, or message us from our Contact page. Thanks so much, and may the Force be with you!

The Legend Of Rock, Paper, Scissors (Drew Daywalt)

Hello, friends! Today book is The Legend Of Rock, Paper, Scissors, written by Drew Daywalt and illustrated by Adam Rex, a stupendously ridiculous origin story for the famous game.

Long ago, there were three great warriors, all hailing from a different land: Rock of the kingdom of Backgarden, Scissors from the village of Junk Drawer, and Paper from the empire of Mom’s Study. Having defeated the mightiest warriors of their own lands, they wander on in the hopes of finding a warrior who can best them and relieve them of their ennui. Then one day, in the mysterious land of Two-Car Garage, the three warriors meet. Who shall be victorious… or, will the mighty three discover that they are evenly matched?

What a fun book! With crazy king-fu film-inspired illustrations and some hilariously dramatic text and dialogue, this gives a fresh and silly look at a staple of play that everyone knows well, injecting it with some fun. It’s a great read-aloud, ESPECIALLY if you can get into the voices and the melodrama of the exchanges between adversaries – there are some jokes that had JJ squealing, and quite a few that gave me a chuckle as well. The ending is somewhat telegraphed, but it honestly doesn’t detract from the enjoyment of the story – if anything, it makes many of the jokes and visuals of the final showdown even punchier. The length is fine, and we had a lot of fun with it. This is a great laugh to share with little bookworms, especially slightly older ones. Baby Bookworm approved!

Star Wars: BB-8 On The Run (Drew Daywalt)

Hello, friends! Our review today is Star Wars: BB-8 On The Run, written by Drew Daywalt and illustrated by Matt Myers, an adorable adventure featuring the lovable little droid learning the importance of kindness.

Taking place during The Force Awakens, the story follows BB-8 as he flees across the desert planet of Jakku after his friend Poe is taken prisoner. BB-8 has an important mission to complete, and he needs to get back to the Resistance. How can one little droid accomplish this when he is alone and afraid? BB-8 remembers something that Poe told him: being kind to others will always been returned to you. And as BB-8 tries to catch a ship off-planet, he keeps finding creatures and droids in need. So he keeps stopping to help – often with mixed results – making it less and less likely that he can catch his ride. Will BB-8’s kindness truly come back to him? Can he fulfill his mission and make Poe proud?

This one was WONDERFUL, especially for little Star Wars fans. The story is surprisingly nuanced: BB-8 struggles repeatedly with doing the right thing for others vs. doing the right thing for himself, but always chooses to help those in need. Near the end of the story, this actually leaves him disadvantaged – he’s missed the ship home and has been captured by a scavenger – and he wonders why doing the right thing left him even worse off than he’d started. But he is, of course, rescued by Rey in the final pages, picking up the movie narrative again and showing that being kind truly did come back to him. It’s a subtle and honest lesson in why we must be kind even when it’s hard to be. The art is lovely, capturing the Star Wars world and creatures in pleasantly desert-hued paintings. The length was best for toddler and up bookworms, and JJ adored seeing her pal BB-8 on every page. A lovely fable that does the Star Wars universe proud, and it’s Baby Bookworm approved!

The Day The Crayons Came Home (Drew Daywalt & Oliver Jeffers)

Hello, everyone! Our book today is The Day The Crayons Came Home, by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers, the hilariously silly sequel to The Day The Crayons Quit.

If you’ve not read The Crayons books, the concept is cute and simple: a little boy named Duncan receives letters and postcards from his crayons, detailing their complaints, requests and labor concerns. This sequel focuses on crayons that have been lost, misplaced, or damaged, and their funny postcards to Duncan complaining of their lot.

These books are very tongue-in-cheek and lots of fun to read. The illustrations are hilarious as well, and the text and art compliment each other well. Two things: the book can be a little long for baby bookworms, and there is one poop joke, in case that’s not your style. Still, JJ loved the first Crayon book, and she loved this one too! Baby Bookworm approved!