H Is For Happy: An Emoji ABC Book Of Feelings (Evan Nimke)

Hello friends! Our book today is H Is For Happy: An Emoji ABC Book Of Feelings by Evan Nimke, a primer in emotions, the alphabet, and that favorite language of the texting generation, emoji.

Using the classic “smiley face” emoji icon set as its base, the book takes us through the alphabet, using a different emotion or feeling and its corresponding emoji for each letter. For instance, H is for happy (🙂), S is for sad (😢), L is for love (😍). Rhyming text describes each emotion, finishing with two lovely sentiments: reminding the reader that everyone has feelings, and asking the question, “what made you feel happy today?”

While this one was a little rough around the edges, there was still a lot to love. One drawback is that the rhyme scheme of the text is very inconsistent, making it tough to find a rhythm while reading aloud, and the ending – while having a nice sentiment – feels a bit tacked on. Still, the book does a fun job of describing each emotion, utilizing a fun and trendy concept very well. The length was fine, but the major reason this book is going to get a good review is that JJ LOVED IT. Be it the simple, easily-identifiable visuals or the letter-emotion combos, she wanted to flip through the book at least three times after we finished our initial read. I can’t argue with first-person data like that, so despite its hiccups, we’re happily (🙂) calling this one Baby Bookworm approved (👍)!

(Note: A copy of this book was provided to The Baby Bookworm by the author in exchange for an honest review.)