When I Was A Child, I Was Always Afraid (Michael Cascio)

(Note: A copy of this book was provided to The Baby Bookworm by the author in exchange for an honest review.) 

Hello, everybody! Our book today is When I Was A Child, I Was Always Afraid, written by Michael Cascio and illustrated by Bentley Wong, a story about conquering our fears.

Told in rhyme, the narrator relates that when he was a child, he had many fears: dark basements, the noises outside his window, even under his own bed. One day, his father takes him to look at all these places in the light, and he finds that, with a new perspective, these things aren’t scary, and can even be friendly! The narrator explains that he has always remembered that lesson, and so should we too, because sometimes facing our fears is the best way to overcome them.

We liked this book a lot! The message is universal for children, and even the fears that are described are fairly common (who among us wasn’t afraid of shifting shadows in the dark?), and it makes the story very relatable. The illustrations are great: taking the various situations from their “scary” versions to their innocuous versions nicely, and complimenting the story well (plus, the added pops of watercolor under the main illustrations on each page were lovely eye candy for very young readers like JJ). The length is perfect, JJ really enjoyed this one! Perfect for helping a little reader through nighttime fears. Baby Bookworm approved!