And Then Comes Christmas (Tom Brenner)

Happy Holidays Week, Day 6: Hello, friends! And Merry Christmas Eve! Our book today is And Then Comes Christmas, written by Tom Brenner and illustrated by Jana Christy, a simple and sweet story of Christmas traditions.

First, the air gets cold and bare branches brush the sky as snowy wind races through them. After that follows Christmas lights, decorating the tree, presents and Santa and all the little things that make Christmas so incredible and special. And at the end of the big day, families draw near to be together and share their love, the greatest Christmas tradition of all.

This was a cute Christmas book that covered at lot of the fun things that happen this time of year. The text was occasionally a little awkward to read aloud, but the tone and message were wonderful, especially in the third act. Plus, the illustrations are beautiful and bring the magic of the season to life. The length was fine and JJ mostly enjoyed it, so all in all this one is Baby Bookworm approved.

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