My Dream Dog (Arthur Howard)

Hello, everyone! Our book today is My Dream Dog by Arthur Howard, a sweet and simple dog-and-his-boy tale that asks the age-old question: what do dogs dream of?

A little boy introduces the reader to his dog Scooter, his best pal. The boy knows Scooter well. He knows the things that make him happy, like bones, treats, and his dog friends. He knows the things that make him growl, like motorcycles, cats, and fleas. He knows when Scooter is thirsty or frightened or wants to play. What the boy doesn’t know is what Scooter dreams about. His parents, brother, and friends all have their opinions, but the boy likes his Grandpa’s theory best: Scooter is dreaming about his boy. 

This book was mostly very cute. The art is entertaining, bursting off the pages with expressive characters, childlike text and bold colors. But while the story is nice, and has a certain sentimentality for dog lovers, the conclusion is a bit abrupt and can throw the reader for a loop. Overall, though, it’s a sweet story about the dreams of dogs, with an easy length. JJ seemed to like it, so we can call this one Baby Bookworm approved!


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